Aquaponics And Public Health Challenges

The biggest challenge to public health

One of the biggest challenges to public health professionals in the US is this idea of “health disparities” – when a certain population has less health due to some obstacle or barrier – socioeconomic status, geographic location, etc. Typically certain neighborhoods with rows of fast food restaurants, convenience stores and liquor stores have poor health outcomes. They lack access to fresh, local produce which are essential for a nutritious healthy lifestyle.

Trying to solve the symptoms

Some public health departments are trying to solve the food access problem by attacking the symptoms – trying to force liquor stores into “healthy retail stores”. They approach the local owner and try to get them to sell fruits and vegetables even though they make most of their money on alcohol sales. Others have tried to promote cost inefficient solutions like farmer’s markets – which costs the farmers a ton of time, resources and money, especially in an area where sales may be unlikely or farmers markets may seem out of place.

Our Solution

Instead of trying to instill unreasonable expectations on local businesses, instead of telling business owners what they can and can’t sell, we’ve taken a different approach by creating a healthy alternative that bypasses local markets and stores, we’ve created an Aquaponics system that can be set up to grow healthy produce and food right from home!
By growing their own food, people can eat healthier and have a sense of pride for being able to provide food for themselves and their family. Most of the barriers to growing food is land, space, time, money and expertise. Our aquaponics eliminate the land, space, time, and money problem by being as efficient and as automated as possible.
By growing your own food with an aquaponics system, healthy food access will be attainable for all populations, neighborhoods and classes. Utilizing this new technology can save water, save money and build a healthier world for all.