Don't Build A Home Aquaponics System Until You've Read This

Nowadays, the food articles are grown extensively on a massive commercial level by using various poisonous chemicals and pesticides. Farmer just thinks of their profit compromising a lot with the nutrition level of the food. We can surely find a better way out in order to get something healthier and safe for our family. Home Aquaponics is the best alternative to this.

Home Aquaponics basically deals with the procedure of food production that simply combines 
hydroponics (culturing plant in water) and aquaculture (which deals with rearing of aquatic animals like fishes and prawn etc. in a tank) in a symbiotic system. It involves a circulation of water between both the systems.

  1. Principle of a do-it yourself home aquaponic system:

Whole of the system works on a very simple cycle that works like this. Fish produce excreta as their waste material. Bacteria are self-sufficient in converting this waste in advantageous plant nutrients. Now is the role of plant, they grow using these nutrients and in return makes the water clean and reusable for the fish tank.
  1. Aquaponics Maintenance

 It takes nearly 6 weeks to make a new system get establish and work properly. It’s mainly the time required by the bacteria to breed and colonize itself in the media. The ammonia converting bacteria first undergo multiplication in order to cope up with the influx of poisonous ammonia produce in fish waste. They turn it into nitrite. Now nitrite converting bacteria will convert this nitrite into nitrate.
It’s really important to become a keen and patient observant in order to establish a new system. You must take care of all the crucial water parameters before the stabilization of the system. It’s very essential to gather knowledge about the relationship between the plants, bacteria and fishes. Keep a regular check on the environmental changes as it may leads to an overall imbalance to the system.
  1. Benefits of DIY Aquaponics:

Home Aquaponics can be considered as a wave of future that will feed you and your family with fresh and healthy food without the use of pesticides and harmful chemical substances. It’s a cost effective way to subtract the hazardous content of the food and get benefitted with the energy efficient and nutritious meal for you and your family. In our modern society it can be regarded as a huge effort to promote environment-friendly practices.

Out of the no of ways it is considered as the most economical one. You can use your own ideas to make the best use of it according to the need of your house.  You can add beauty to your house by growing strawberry patches along with your fish tank in a very decorative appeal. Indoor herb garden in association with fish tank is another fascinating idea. It is an awesome way to make the fish tank fresh and clean without investing any extra time or effort. It provides you the pleasure of having fresh fruits and also adds natural beauty to your house too.

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