How Do I Build A Aquaponics System?

Aquaponics are a new and innovative set up which allows anyone to grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs whilst breeding a variety of fish. That is not all that is enticing, as this system is also very low in maintenance and cost wise.

Starting off, the set up requires the use of two containers, a water pump, air bubbler and bell filter which is very simplistic yet very effective when in motion.

By separating the two containers in a bunk or side by side set up, one part is used for growing the plants whilst the other is used to house the fish. Due to the nature and requirements, we find that a ratio between 1:4 to 1:7 in plant / fish tank size to have the best yields possible. Depending on the fish used, you will may also need to go up to 1000L – 2000L in order to grow them efficiently.

After this is setup, the water pump can be installed to the bottom tank, with the water head exiting into the top plant tank. The top plant tank will need to be filled with a filter and grow media which when set up correctly, will flood then flash dump so as to not rot the roots of the plant that is growing in the plant bed.

Essentially the system works by pumping the fish waste to the top garden bed as fertilizer, then allowing the grow media and plants to filter the water till it is clean again for dumping back into the bottom fish tank again. This reduces the need for any sort of cleaning. Vegetable matter can be used depending on the fish, as feed further reducing the maintenance of the system.

It is easy to see why aquaponic systems are the best innovation to home grown fruit and veg that we have seen in the last hundred years!

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