Recommended Plants For Your Aquaponic System

What is aquaponic plant? Aquaponic plants is plant that suitable and can grow well in aquaponics system.  You may chose many variety of plants as your aquaponics plants according to your preference.

Many plants can grow well in aquaponics system, in some case it is even better than plants grown in soil.  There is tomato tree can have more than 25 kg of tomatoes from one tree only.  Certainly the result may diverse for each crops depend to technique applied.

Following are plants that grow well in aquaponics system:

  Basil   Egg plant   Peas
  Broccoli   Garlic   Sage
  Cabbage   Lemongrass   Silver Beet
  Celery   Lettuce   Snow peas
  Chilies   Melon   Spinach
  Coriander   Onion   Tomato
  Cucumber   Parsley   Watercress


Cabbage, broccoli and lettuce are well known and has been used in many dishes.  They have much in common and grow wonderfully in aquaponics system.

Fruit plants

Other variety of plants can grow well in aquaponics system is fruit plant like eggplant, tomato, melon and cucumber.  Eggplant and melon are excellent as aquaponic plant and may grow with same treatment.

Tomato demanding more nutrition from stocked fish since it is important to get a supply of nutrients during its infancy.  Cucumber need six to eight weeks to grow and start to bear fruit.  Their most productive period is from six to twelve weeks, and may continue produce fruits many months ahead.

Root crops

Root crops like potatoes and carrots also called as subterranean crops.  They have part we can eat grow under the soil instead of on top of soil.   Potatoes and carrots that grow in aquaponics system have no soil on them.  They looks cleaner than other that grow on soil.  One thing for sure, root crops need deeper growing media.

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