What Is An Aquaponics Garden?

Aquaponics deals with growing food in your own house in a very eco-friendly manner. It is done by using the mechanism of recycle and reuse. In this the fish waste is utilized as the source of natural fertilizer in hydroponics to grow plants on the bed of Styrofoam sheet. This system is completely devoid of soil. They basically use the hydroponic methods like lava rock or hydroton for the growing purpose.

Using the fact that fish waste is rich in nitrogenous compound which is really useful in increasing the growth and yield of plant. They used some nitrogen fixing bacteria to convert the toxic ammonia into simpler nitrogen compounds.

What are the basic requirements to start an Aquaponics garden?

There are only a few methods of setting up your own indoor Aquaponics garden. Nowadays many stores provide you the whole Aquaponics kit but that will be pricey. You can also purchase it in bits and pieces, then just combine them according to the way you want the setup to look like. It’s really interesting to know that you can also make one by using recycled material or by using the old useless drum of your house. You just need to be more creative and sustainable.

Parts needed to setup you own Aquaponics garden:
  1. You need to arrange for a hydroponic growth media such as lava rock or hydroton.
  2. A drain kit that will maintain the constant flow in the system.
  3. A hydroponic flood tray is must as it will serve as the growth bed.
  4. A water pump to push the water up into the upper tub.
  5. You need two large huge water tubs which hold sufficient water for the fish and the other one should have the capacity to submerge the growth bed too.
  6. Arrange the fishes and seeds. You can go with the seedling in case you are beginner. Fish can be purchase from the local shop if you are not willing to eat them.
  7. An effective air pump along with the air stones.
  8. If you are making the Aquaponics garden inside the house you, may need a source of light.
What kind of fish should be used in Aquaponics garden?

The selection of fish entirely depends on the fact that whether you are interested in harvesting the fish or not. If your intention is to use the fish as food you can surely go with the edible species. Tilapia is considered as the best fish to harvest in an indoor Aquaponics garden. As they are of high density, you can manage to have many fish in small amount of water. In addition to it they grow quickly and taste really good. The protein level in them is also quite satisfactory. Their reproduction is also quite rapid.

In case you are not willing to harvest the fish for food, you can surely go with the gold fish. They considered as the dirty fish and will eat the plant litter and residue. In this way they will help in maintaining the cleanliness of the tank for you.

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